About Us

Syd and Helen at work in the tent

Who We Are

We are a retired rocket scientist (Syd) and a retired special education teacher (Helen) who have become cowboy action shooting competitors with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), and the Cowboy Fast Draw Association (CFDA).

What We Do

In order to finance our new addiction/hobby we sell Cowboy and Victorian clothing to the competitors at the shooting events.   SASS and CFDA rules require all competitors to wear clothing that would fit the era of the old west, usually 1860 to 1900 designs.  This also coincides with the fashion period known as Victorian.  Other clothing allowed is known as B-Western, or clothing made popular in Hollywood movies and television shows like the Roy Rogers Show.  At many of the shooting events, there are costume contests that are every bit as cutthroat as the shooting itself.  And we have dressed many of the winning men and ladies.  (It’s not bragging if it’s true. Right?)  In addition we have also begun to support the Cowboy Fast Draw  competitions since they also dress up in period correct clothing.

Image of Syd and Helen in Victorian evening wear

What we Sell

We search for and purchase clothing that is generally period correct or B-Western from wherever we can find them, but only sell brands that are made of quality fabrics and are sewn in a way that will stand up to everyday wear, not just costumes.  We buy articles from manufacturers then wear them ourselves, torturing them and abusing them.  If they stand up to that treatment, we by more of that brand to sell to our clients.  Our major brand is Frontier Classics because they hold up the best.  Other brands fill out the need for B Western and the various accessories.

Image of Helen in a custom Victorian gown with fir wrap

It is difficult to find Victorian ball gowns for evening wear at a price our shooting friends can afford, so Helen has been known to design and make custom gowns and evening outfits.

Where We Are

No, we don’t have a brick and mortar store in Dodge City, Kansas.  We chose that name because we thought that a cowboy should be able to remember a name like that.  What we have is a 20′ X 25′ tent that we set up at the various shooting events and fill it with clothing and accessories.  At the end of each event, we pack up all the merchandise and the tent, then move on the the next event.  Or sometimes we actually get to go home and recuperate for a while.

Image of our tent set up as the Dodge City General Store

And Now We Are Online

Since not every shooter can attend the same events we do, we have set up this website to provide our products to those who have missed us in the past.  It is not quite the same as being there and we miss the fun time of meeting all the new people and making new friends.  But we hope our online customers will be able to find us in the future, and we have the chance to become friends.

Until then, shoot straight, be safe, and have fun.